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Best Social CRM: Manage your customer relations perfectly with ConvoPLUS's improved technical features. Increase your satisfaction and get happy customers.

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Agent & Team Performance Tables

The system reports both individually and on a team basis. It is possible to access performance information such as KPI metrics and average response time.


With the Gamification option, you can share the incoming messages among Agents. Or, with Inbox ZERO, you can fight unanswered messages without interruption. In this way, you can increase the Agents performance.

Scheduled Posts

ConvoPLUS is a social CRM tool which let you schedule all your social replies. You can schedule a post to be posted at a future date. After preparing the content, you just need to set the date. ConvoPLUS remembers for you.

Confirmation System

Administrators can control all posts and you can reach the best quality of social CRM. In addition, you can organize your content management with Agencies. So you can check everything before posting.

Crisis Control

Popular user, phenomenon, VIP definitions and intense interaction alarm are available.

Special Images

Communicate in a colorful, attractive and positive way. It allows you to add personal response, advertising and promotional arguments to the images you create.

Templates and Macros

ConvoPLUS provides the possibility to design unlimited categories and communication macros. It helps you communicate quickly and accurately with ready-made patterns and variables. Everything can be determined by system administrators.


Location and Resource Tracking, Complaint Intensity Map, Subject-Based Mapping...


It is suitable for integration into classic-CRM systems. You can control the data flow very flexibly and manage the solution processes effectively.

Customized Tracking Algorithms

It prevents data loss with the correct API usage. Manage your social contacts and data with ConvoPLUS's integrated social media CRM.

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